Who is Scarlett, anyway?

I should probably explain to you who Scarlett is, or why we call the Property the Property, and not the Homestead, when really it is in fact a Homestead. Scarlett Homestead officially, but we still call it the Property. Sorry. What?

When we were in the initial stages of looking at, and then buying this land, we just started calling it “The Property” here at home. Then over time we got invested once we actually owned it and started making plans for what we would use the property for and how it would help make our goals a reality one day. The whole picture really made it sound lovely and homey.

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‘Spring Up O Well’

Did I ever mention it took us an entire year to actually own this land? I may repeat that now and then because it’s a scary reality, and yes, it did take that long. It took weeks to just walk through the land and clear through to be able to see what we were looking at in the beginning. Then you have your bank and lender issues to walk through. Did you know (this is only true for the time we purchased at – I’m sure things change depending on the market) that most banks will not finance a construction loan for any parcel of land over 10 acres? Oh you did? That’s nice for you. We didn’t.

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