Hearty Chicken Chili & my pretty new Crock pot!

2 new things came together for me this week, to create a third new thing, which was a new recipe. The recipe turned out great, which meant the first two things were essential to the outcome of the third thing, and therefore are also great. Thing one, and thing two, coming together, as two things joined as one, to create a third thing. You still with me? Fantastic.

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Street Taco Pizza

I am not a food blogger, and you will probably recognize that as you read through my attempt to make this sound like I know what I’m doing, but I’ll give it a try! I do however really love to cook. I’m not professional and I most definitely am not a great baker, but I can hold my own and I have had a lot of practice over the past three and a half years since becoming a stay at home mum.

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