Expecting Your Little Miracle – A Weekly Pregnancy Devotional for Parents-To-Be!

About 4 years ago I was pregnant with our son Judah. Something that was very important to me at the time was reading all I could about being pregnant and the general progression of things. One thing I really desired to read however was a sort of devotional type book that I could read with Rob, that would guide us through the nine months in a medical sense, but also give us the spiritual side, and to have Bible scripture correspond. We are a household of faith and hearing what the Word of God says in any circumstance is always important to us. I looked for what I wanted. Oh my, did I look. I found similar books, but not what I wanted. So I kept a sort of journal and kept my own notes, in hopes that one day it would be a special type of diary for Judah. To know he was loved and thought about in a spiritual sense, and prayed for from day one. Continue reading “Expecting Your Little Miracle – A Weekly Pregnancy Devotional for Parents-To-Be!”

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