Let’s get Christmas cozy! Starring ‘moi’, with my very first attempt at quilting.

The holiday season makes me love being at home and being warm and cozy in the evenings. I change all of our bedding over to flannel sheets in November already, and I’m one of those people who has a Christmas bedding set for my bed, because decorating isn’t enough. I have to sleep in Christmas too.

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The most Bee-utiful skin care salve

As promised, after we harvested our honey, I got to work on part two of our harvest for the year, honey salve! My goodness is this stuff amazing. Nothing says Homesteading like collecting your honey fresh from the hive, and then using the remnants of the uncapped and unused combs to render down and make completely natural and organic skin product with. That’s called using what God gave you to the fullest!

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A Thankful, Honey Filled, Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, over the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my parents and my sister came down to our house and spent the weekend harvesting our honey with us. There is nothing more satisfying than stealing honey from your 3 hives of hard working honey bees, and bottling up that golden goodness in a jar. It’s raw, thick, and incredibly sweet and it’s truly something to be thankful for.

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