They grow so fast….

Oh babies, why do you grow so fast? It always amazes me how quickly babies – both human and animal – grow. Every parent out there sighs when they see baby photos of their kiddos at a younger age and thinks “where did the time go”? I do all the time.

I am very thankful however that my son has not grown up as quickly as our chicks do! Then I would cry a whole lot more. 🙂

Our little barred rocks and buff orpingtons are growing like weeds and are just over three and a half weeks old now. My oh my does it ever go quickly.

This is a picture of the day we got them when they were right around a week old.


And this is them right now. They are still adorable and we have come to love them so much in the past two and a half weeks. They really grow on you.


We are thankful that we got strong healthy girls again this year. We had no issues with any of them.

This is only my second year of raising chickens so as this is still sort of new for me, I am learning so much again. The first year we bought straight run, Rhode Island Reds and ended up with 5 hens and 1 rooster. So pretty good odds. They had docile personalities and were very friendly and warmed up to us quickly. One in particular loved being held and would perch on my shoulder and would follow me around. Obviously Sunny ended up being my favorite girl for so many reasons. (Below is my little Sunny when she was a baby. And yes, I allowed Judah to roll her around in his Little People camping set once or twice.)


This year I have found that our 3 orpingtons have no use for us humans at all. They run and try to fly away at the slightest idea that we might touch them or get too close in their box. I respect that and leave them alone. I hate to think I am terrifying them every time I clean their water or food, but hopefully they begin to realize that I am safe. I let them know all the time they will never be eaten. Doesn’t that count for something girls?


But our 3 little barred rock chicks are so loveable. They welcome a gentle rub on the head and don’t mind being held at all.

They are really getting their feathers in now and love to use them to flap their wings. They can get up as high as their starter feeders and love taking turns getting up there and knocking each other off. It’s pretty funny to watch.


One in particular, her name is Lacey, and my favorite for so many reasons, is just the sweetest of them all. She knows her adopted Mama and perks up and comes close every time I walk by. She’s my sweet little girl and I love her the most. Don’t tell the rest.


I know I sound like a nut case, but I really do love these animals. They are going to have a good, long life at Scarlett Homestead as egg layers. They are now part of the family and get treated as such.

As we grow our Homestead and eventually bring livestock there for meat sales, I will have to learn to handle that element of this lifestyle and grow with it. But for now, I am enjoying the notion that all my little critters are happy and well loved and enjoying God’s green earth as much as we are with no worries.

I love seeing all of you other fellow chicken lovers out there posting your spring chick updates and pictures and learning about different breeds and how you raise them. It’s been valuable to me and I appreciate the insights and additional knowledge!

Oh, and if you think I’m a crazy chicken lady… gets worse. I may have set them on my Easter dinner table for a minute or two as a centerpiece. Maybe.


– The Homesteaders Wife

4 thoughts on “They grow so fast….

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  1. Awe, aren’t they ADORABLE!! And they sure grow fast. LOVE following your homestead and it’s growing additions!! ❤️

    I Love all crazy chicken ladies and or crazy furry friends ladies!! I have a good friend in my town with a small ranch and I admire her so…. She has so many chickens, many breeds as she tells us all their names when I visit. She also breeds goats, fainting goats and other breeds. She has horses too…. I think she’s on just over an acre of land, much smaller than your beautiful homestead so I can’t wait to see your homestead grow! 😀🥰❤️

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  2. It won’t be long and they will be giving you eggs for breakfast. They seem to stay chicks for about three weeks and then suddenly they explode in growth. Great pics! Have a fantastic weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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