Confessions of a cold brew coffee drinker

Are you a coffee drinker? I am not. I have said this my entire life. And it’s true. If you ask me to go for coffee, or invite me to your house and offer me some, I will politely decline and take a tea or a cold beverage instead. I don’t get it. Hot, bitter liquid? No thanks.

But then I got pregnant back in 2014. I wasn’t one of those girls who had weird cravings or things that would totally turn me off, but when I hit my third trimester I did have one little craving that I indulged in. Iced coffee. I was still working full time those last three months and conveniently, I had to pass at least three drive through coffee stands on my way. What is a pregnant girl to do? Well, stop of course.

I don’t know what it was, but the smell of freshly roasted coffee made me swoon at the time. I still had no interest in hot coffee, but I randomly ordered a decaf iced mocha one time with my coworkers and the heavens opened up and I heard harps and choirs and I knew then, my life was complete.

So here’s my confession – every single work day, from Monday through Friday, I would drive my pregnant self through a coffee stand and get an iced decaf mocha on the way to work. I know some people are judging me right now, but I don’t care. It was expensive, let’s start there. And there was probably so much sugar in there. At least it was decaf?? I like to console myself with that bit anyway.

After I gave birth the iced coffee craving went away and I sort of forgot about it. For quite a long time, thankfully. Then one day I thought to myself “Hey Candace! Guess what we haven’t had in a really long time? Iced coffee! We should get one and see if we still like it!” And so it started all over again. Fast forward to the present day, and here I am, a total addict. It’s the only thing I will admit to craving and having a bit of an addiction for. Most mornings I have one. And it’s goooood. I love it. Nobody will take it away from me. Ever! Get away from my iced coffee!

For a very long time I just brewed myself a strong pot of drip coffee and chilled it in the fridge overnight and used it through the week. Then my handsome husband got me a wonderful gift and it was a massive game changer in the quality of cold brew I was making. I knew a drip machine didn’t compare to a really nice, bold, dark cold brew from a fancy coffee stand, but at least I wasn’t paying $5 a day for it.

So this is what Rob bought me. It’s a cold brew coffee maker. And boy did it up the greatness factor. I just thought I would share this little gem, as before he bought it for me, I didn’t know it existed, and now that I have it, I don’t like to go without it. If you’re into iced coffee as well, this might be something you are interested in.


If you go on Amazon, there’s a million and one options for these things, but this is mine and I like it for how it looks. He knows me. He knows that I would care about the look as well as the function of it. If it’s going to sit on my counter, it has to be pretty. So it’s just a very thin glass carafe with an infuser inside to hold the grounds and a stainless steel airtight lid for the top. Easy!


You put a little hot water in there to start…..about that much.


Then put the infuser into it and fill it up with your favorite grounds. I always go for the boldest, strongest ground I can find.


Then you very slowly pour hot water through the grounds. Some people swear by starting with cold, but I’m on the hot side of the fence. I feel like it starts the brew off stronger and you get a fuller, darker brew in the end. But to each their own. You really have to play with it.


Once you have filled it up to the top line, you just put the lid on it and let it sit out on your counter for 12-24 hours, depending on how strong you like it.


Or, if you are like me, you’ll go for a full 2 days. I know that’s a little extreme, but by the end of day two, or sometimes the beginning of day 3 if I forget, I like my brew to be so dark and thick you can’t see through the carafe.

Then I pour this into a big mason jar and put it in the fridge to chill so it’s nice and cold. Once I’ve cleaned out the carafe, I start this process again so that every 3 or 4 days I have a fresh new cold brew waiting for me in the fridge. It took me a while to figure out my process, but I’m a pro now.


So once this glorious goodness is nice and cold, I pour it into a big cup about a third full.


Then here’s the bad part….I still do not little the taste of plain bitter coffee, so I do indulge with about a tablespoon +/- of syrup. Sometimes a chocolate, a white chocolate or a caramel….I like to buy a nice quality so it’s rich and full without having to use too much.


Then I add a little milk and fill it with ice and I’m good to go. Come to mama.


I’m not one of those people that need coffee when they wake up. In all honesty, it doesn’t “get me going” or “I need to have it to function”. It’s simply the quiet, yummy part of my morning where I get to sit and relax, read a little and slowly sip on a yummy drink that I absolutely love. To me, it’s like a dessert almost, but a lot less calories!

Anyway, when I find a great appliance or contraption, I just like to share it and hopefully someone out there says “Hey! Me too! I need one of those!”. I won’t promote a certain brand or model as except for this one, I have no other frame of reference for comparisons. What I do know is that this process massively cuts down on the acidity of cold coffee and gives you a very rich, bold flavor you would not get the old fashioned way.

So, next time you are at my house, I will most definitely offer you coffee, but I will also have a fresh cold brew option for you as well. I don’t know how you could survive without it.

– The Homesteaders Wife

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  1. My son likes to use a big mason jar as well. i was introduced to cold brew two years ago. The vendor next to me at the Market markets his own coldbrew, and I was hooked from that day on. Now I write his company’s blog and he keeps me supplied with coffee…great barter.

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