My Handsome 4 Year Old

Toady is my son Judah’s 4th birthday. As everyone always says, “the days are long, but the years go fast”, and so it is, probably the truest statement I have ever realized in my life.

We got to spend the weekend in Seattle with our family, and were lucky enough to do just what Judah asked to do. Have a dinosaur pool party in a hotel. I loved it! So we did. We swam, we shopped, ate snacks in the hotel bed and stayed up way too late and we laughed and laughed.

The one thing I wanted to share with you was the incredible cake my Mum made for Judah.


She is the best baker and cake decorator I know and every year for his birthday I ask her to make one for him. Because I am useless at stuff like that and I don’t even pretend to try. He was pretty specific this year for what he wanted, and she delivered in a big way. It was massive, it had scary dinosaurs on it and a scary volcano where the sparklers went into.


Impressive was an understatement. Judah was more than pleased and it sort of ‘made the party’. Look at that! Isn’t it great?


We swam, we ate, and then we ate even more, sitting by the pool in our bathing suits. There’s a picture for you. Who doesn’t like to sit in a bathing suit and eat cake right? Ha!


4 years ago a tiny little 6 pound, 13 oz baby boy was laid on my chest and I cried with thankfulness at the beautiful creation that was given to me and my husband. He was perfect. We did not find out the gender of baby before delivery so he was a surprise to us in every way.  However when he was given to me I looked at him and knew him. He was a part of me that was so new, yet so totally familiar and that instant love that other people tell you about hit me so hard. It was overwhelming. I remember that exact moment and will never forget how I felt.


Judah, you are so funny. You make us laugh every single day. I appreciate your good sense of humor. It will get you far in life and help you overcome hard times with a positive attitude.


You are helpful. There is never a time where we need to ask you to do something or help us. You offer your help on your own with a kind heart and a genuine willingness. You have a servants heart and it’s beautiful.


You are so generous. I can’t even remember all of the times you have asked me or Daddy to take you shopping because you wanted to buy a present for a family member or friend, with your own money, because you enjoy giving. A generous and giving spirit is a quality that will serve you well as you grow and one day have a family of your own.


And as much as I could go on all day long about the wonderful things about you, the last one I will note is your loving heart. You have a huge heart for the people you love, and you tell them so. Telling somebody you love them is like a gift. Never stop doing this and letting your feelings for people show.

Judah, you are the most beautiful 4 year old boy I have ever met in my life. Inside and out. Mama is so incredibly proud of who you have become and I know that who you will become one day, will be great. I am your biggest fan and supporter. You will always have my heart.

Happy Birthday Honey Bear. Mama loves you thiiiiiiiiisssss much!

– Judah’s Mum

12 thoughts on “My Handsome 4 Year Old

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Judah!! He is ADORABLE ♥️ what a beautiful post!! What an AMAZING cake, your Mum is an awesome cake artist as I could never do that as well. The years do go by way to fast, but being a mother is an amazing gift. ❤️🥰 He sounds like an amazing young boy with wonderful parents and family. 😁

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  2. 🥰😭😍😪 I’m just full of emotions after reading your post!! I’m so happy Judah got all he wished for this weekend, but he’ll never quite understand that the greatest gift is HIM!! His humour, sweetness, his adorable serious side, and how he so freely gives his love. OH My Heart ❤️ it grew even bigger this weekend!!
    He truly completes our family in such a ‘cherry on top’ kind of way. 🍒 Love you BUB! 😘

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  3. What an awesome post. He truly is that and more. He’s the most lovable little guy I know. Well maybe not so little anymore. Growing up way too fast!!!
    And he sure did have a great bday party, dinosaurs and all. We all got to party right along with him.
    It truly was a wonderful weekend with the birthday boy!!
    Love you Judah!!!
    Enjoy being 4!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Happy 4th birthday to my Jujube…you are the most precious boy ever.
    It was a very fun birthday and we miss you already…am glad you liked your cake…
    LOVE YOU..💗💗💗

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