A 40 Acre Snowglobe

Earlier this week, we got our first snowfall out here in the Pacific Northwest. Every area got different amounts, but here in Arlington, we got 9 inches over about a day and a half. This is sort of rare for our area. We do get a little snow every year around this time but not nearly as much as we did this time. I was as excited as our three year old!

The best part is that another massive dump is on the way today and through part of the weekend. I think it’s supposed to double in quantity, with a possibility of more next week. I went out yesterday and did a lot of errands knowing what was on the way. So did every other person and their dog. What normally would take me about 2 hours, took close to 4 today. While grocery shopping, I literally heard a few people refer to “the end of the world” because of the chaos of everyone being out and stocking their kitchen pantry. Obviously we all had the same idea. No joke, I knew we were low on Cheerios, so I went down the cereal isle and I grabbed the LAST TWO BOXES on the shelf. That’s how empty the shelves were.

A lot of you might be thinking “Where the heck does she live? Are they lunatics in Arlington?” Well, no, not exactly. We just don’t see this much snow, all at once almost ever. Our cities aren’t equipped with enough plows to manage it properly either because of how rare it is. So yes, doomsday fell upon our town and neighboring cities and it literally felt like a panic. We’re all hunkering down for a pretty good sized storm storm this weekend, and I for one am excited about it. We have more food than we know what to do with, I have 2 loaves of bread in the oven at this very moment, and I’m cozy at home with my boys, cuddling under blankets. What more do I need?

Only two weeks ago it was in the low 60’s here and our bees were out in the sunshine flying around! Now they are back to hibernating in their hive and trying to keep as warm as possible.


I just thought I’d share a few pictures of the beautiful property we call our (future) home, Scarlett Homestead. Just because I think she’s so purrrrty. And look how happy it made us!


It is still our fervent prayer, that we begin to build our home this Spring/Summer. If we can be finished before next Christmas, I will be one happy lady. If you haven’t read back about where we are at with our homestead project, we have owned our land for 2 years, but it was completely undeveloped when we purchased it. So everything takes time, but more than just getting the work done, the County and permits and hold-ups with trades have been our biggest battle. You can own 40 acres of land, but you are not allowed to do anything to it unless you get permission and a paid permit for every step. Do not get me going. Actually, don’t ever ask my husband about this subject. Rob doesn’t have an angry bone in his body, but he literally turns into the Incredible Hulk when you get him going about this. 🙂 More and more I contemplate the “Land of the free” and whether we can truly claim that any longer. Again, another topic entirely.

This is our old Fordson tractor, and we promise her all the time that by next winter she will be dry and parked in a shiny new barn. In the meantime, I try to convince her how pretty she looks all covered in white.


Our bees were “All Quiet on The Western Front” as well. The bees are out in our ‘back 40’, which is our largest and most clear pasture area. This is looking west. The bees have a good view at sunset. Just past this tree line the land dips down into a steep lowland area and there’s a few areas down there we have yet to discover.


This was the first snow for our chickens as well. They didn’t know what to make of it and decided it was best to stay inside where it was dry and warm. They were pretty funny with their googly eyes and poking their heads out as though the world had come to an end. Panic was starting to set in and crows of “I knew we should have stored more food away!” began to be heard.


I tried to calm them, but they weren’t having it. I think my intrusion and lack of joining in the panic just annoyed them more. “Just give us the snacks and get out!”



We have a long driveway and I believe it’s about a ¼ mile to our homesite from the main road. The first part of it is through our pasture and then this is about half way up as you enter the heavily treed area, looking South.


And a little further in….


Still looking South, I have just entered what will be the main entrance to our home and yard. If you go to the right down this trail you will get to our home building site.


This is Judah standing under one of our beautiful old growth trees in our future backyard.


I’m standing in the future front yard looking North. In the future, the skinny trees and brush will all be cleared out. Then, past these trees and to the left will be our barn, and there’s a road going left out to our large pasture area. To the right is a road that goes downhill to our lowland pasture area. Our home is at a higher elevation that overlooks that lowland and it will make for some nice views.


We have a pretty good road system started through the property. We really like to think about what needs to go where, how we will access it, how trailers and livestock will be maneuvered through etc. I plan to have a little quad or golf cart. Sorry, but I am not walking from one end of the property to the other every time I need to find someone. We do have a good set of walkie talkies as well, but even so….


This is the road that goes down to the lowland area. And on days like this, it’s also the best sledding hill ever! Once we got our sled trail nice and packed down it was such a great run.


Kids never get tired of climbing back up that hill do they?


This is the upside to going down…..


This is the downside to going up…..


At the bottom of that road, the road continues to the right here and follows the line of trees around the perimeter of the property on the East side to a second entrance.


Although I didn’t walk further past these large trees, just past them is another very large open and level pasture area.


We have a lot of great old growth around here which will be great for shade around our home and out-buildings and big tree trunks make the best scratching posts for animals, don’t they?


We have a lot of gentle rolling hills and it will be great for small trail riding with our horses.


This beautiful blanket will only last a little while here as I’m sure the rain isn’t far off, but for now we will be enjoying it every day as much as we can. I know a little boy who is begging to go up right now and go sledding down the hill again. So far, he says “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done at the property Mama!” From the sounds of his squeals as he flies down, I’m guessing that’s true. So, we’ll see how much more snow this weekend brings, and then go back and have more fun! Stay warm friends.


– The Homesteaders Wife

13 thoughts on “A 40 Acre Snowglobe

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  1. Good morning. That looks like a winter wonderland. So beautiful.
    I guess your mum and dad won’t be down this week end either.
    We apparently are supposed to get some too. And very windy.
    So, like you I did my grocery shop yesterday too. That’s funny.
    Nothing yet so I will go out a bit this morning for the rest.
    Tobogganing is sooooo much fun.
    That was my favourite as a kid. However walking up was horrible.
    Enjoy your day with your two favourite guys. They are pretty awesome. I do say myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, nobody is coming…..again 😅. I know, I needed chicken and literally, every single shelf was empty yesterday. There was a sticker trying to fill the shelf from a pallet of boxes and people were taking right out of the boxes. 🤣. I walked away! If there is ever a serious disaster I am out of here…..people get really pushy and aggressive!! But yes, we’re all set and ready to have fun with it. Stay warm and enjoy how pretty it is! 😘❤❤


  2. Looks so peaceful and quiet. Beautiful!!
    Still nothing here…hope it stays that way..will see though.
    Going down the hill looked like alot of fun…then you have to go up😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish we were there to play in the snow with you!! We’ll keep trying to plan untilit finally works!!

    Looks truly amazing!!! I giggled at Judah’s snow hands in Pic 1. ⛄️

    Enjoy & stay warm ❄️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So beautiful and sooooooooo much snow!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Can’t imagine owning 40 acres and building everything you need. I’m more of a turn key already built farm kind of person, but that’s for my dreams! Snow can be so much FUN! Glad you’re prepared to be snowed in since you will get more snow!!

    I’ve started the crochet penguin 🐧 I need to go to craft store for a few items to finish. Can’t wait to finish and make more! They are such cute zoo animals, fun to make! Stay warm! 😁 Diana ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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