“Riding in coops with Chickens”

Our chickens at Scarlett Homestead are the funniest little birds you ever did see. Rob and Judah drive up in the ‘old truck’ every day and as soon as they hear that engine coming up the hill and around the bend they start squawking and flapping their wings because they KNOW that their favorite people are on the way. With snacks most likely.

Our chickens are free range and we feed them with ‘chicken scratch’, but we also give them all of our vegetable and fruit peels we don’t eat at home. I feel like they have a pretty well balanced diet.


They are still happy and healthy and thriving out in the pasture and we decided a while back when we built our coop that we would put it up on a flatbed trailer and move them every week or two around the acreage for fresh pasture. They love this. They always get a little freaked out at the actual moving of the coop, but once they come out of it and realize they are in a new spot with fresh grass and plants and lots of new bugs to find, they run around like maniacs in pure delight. They get to move around a lot and I’m thankful for that.


We do have them safe from predators, enclosed inside a solar powered electric netting fence. It’s massive and they have a huge area to roam around that’s safe from anything that might think they look delicious. We have a few predators in our neck of the woods. A few bear sightings from time to time, cougars and coyotes. But otherwise it’s mainly just deer and the odd stray horse or cow that has escaped a neighbors pasture.


Right now we only have Rhode Island Reds, but this spring we hope to get a lot more variety of birds. We love Bantams, and I love Wyandottes for how pretty they are. That’s a normal reason to get a chicken right?

This is Tic Tac. Our one and only Rooster, and Judah’s very important pet and friend. He’s only about 9 months old, but he’s starting to get a tad aggressive now. Especially with men. Because Judah loves him so, he will stick around and we will do our best to make everyone happy. You’re a lucky bird Tic Tac. You have no idea.


We have a pretty high demand for selling our eggs, so we need to keep up and increase our current quantities. Eggs layed by happy healthy chickens taste so much better, of course.

And those girls better keep laying….or else….or else nothing. I love them so much. That’s what you call an empty threat.

– The Homesteaders Wife

14 thoughts on ““Riding in coops with Chickens”

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  1. Hi. I just live what you post.
    And yes…… those are blessed chickens. They have no idea how much.
    I am so happy that you have that property. It will one day be a HUGE blessing to YOU.
    It will be nice to have your horses there too.
    They are beautiful.
    Keep on posting. I ❤️It.

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    1. Absolutely….its hard not to love them. They’re adorable. And yes, I actually already know that I won’t name any more in the future. We have a deal that this first batch are mine. They’re egg laying pets and will live a glorious carefree life until they pass on. I know that won’t be the case in the future all the time (especially ones raised for meat ☹). So I’m separating myself mentally now. I am going to have a very hard time “living off the land” as far as eating what we raise. It’s new for me…and will be sad….so no more names…..😥

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