‘Our Town’

“Nobody very remarkable ever come out of it, s’far as we know” – Our Town

If you live in a ‘small-town-america’ type city like we do, then this little downtown, main street here in Arlington WA, is probably right up your alley. 

Right now, Arlington WA just made the top 10 list for Season 4 of the Small Business Revolution. It’s a show where celebrity experts come to your town and give advice for how to grow the main street businesses and revitalize it with a huge makeover – all in efforts to put ‘Main Street America’ back on the map. Everyone here is of course promoting our city all over social media with #MyArlington so that we get as many votes in as possible. Who wouldn’t want to see their town get a cool makeover and watch these local businesses grow!? We love our little downtown and we all have our fingers crossed we make it to the top 5 in mid-February, and obviously, we then want to win!


The first Saturday in December we welcome Santa Claus to kick off our month long “Hometown Holidays” celebration. Like all small town parades, we don’t have huge floats or displays, instead we have local businesses and churches, tractors and classic cars, drill teams and boy scouts, and of course our local police and fire departments.


And Santa was pulled in a wagon by horses. Obviously.


People roamed around with hot chocolate and candy canes.


Kids were laughing and running around.


Every block we walked down, we bumped into a coworker, a friend or neighbor. This is the kind of neighborhood where you’re guaranteed to run into a friendly face, and you’re happy about it.

Our favorite store downtown, and probably every other local residents as well, is the Arlington Hardware store.


It’s a hardware store, but look at how beautiful they decorate it every year for the homegoods and gift sections.


We buy things here a lot. There’s a great clothing and jewelry section upstairs and you find special little gifts that you can’t buy in big box stores.


Support local all you can. I think it’s important anyway!


It’s the kind of old store with real wooden floors that squeak and crack when you walk down the isles. And there’s always a helpful employee who is genuinely happy to help you.


And the big attraction for our son, and yes, me too, is the freshly popped popcorn they hand out. Only in a small town.


Then we walked around the park and saw Santa while we were kept warm by the little fire pits put out to keep us all warm.


As we walked back to the truck to head home that afternoon, I looked back one last time, at this little town called Arlington. And I can’t explain it exactly, but when I looked back at it, I was proud of where I lived. Of the people we call our friends here, and the churches and community groups we belong to.


Coming from a large city, this has been a major culture shock for me, many times, but I really felt happy in that moment that I looked back at it all and the memories it was helping create for my little family. Here in Arlington. Our Town.

And one more time, just for good measure…… #MyArlington

– The Homesteaders Wife

15 thoughts on “‘Our Town’

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  1. Oh wow. I love that Christmas store.
    I guess I just plain love Christmas!!!
    It’s a wonderful time when friends and family all come together.
    Judah looked cool by the Christmas tree. ❤️
    Enjoy everyday. 🎄🎄
    See u all soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just plain love the Christmas Season.
    Those small little shops are the best for finding something extra special.
    Somehow you just slow down and enjoy everything more.
    Jujube you looked awesome by the Christmas Tree.
    See you very soon.
    Good luck Arlington!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Go Arlington! It reminds me of somewhere that a quaint weekly TV show would be perfectly backdropped for!! Awesome Hardware store. Definitely going there next visit

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful hometown, fingers crossed you all will win, it’s lovely and I’ve never been in an old store with wood planks, that’s so COOL!! Love all your photos, can’t believe Christmas is next week! 💖 – Diana


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