Welcome December….please bring some snow!

I am so excited that December is finally here and I don’t have to feel so ashamed at the fact that my house has been fully decorated since mid November already.

The only thing we are missing is snow. I love living on the coast, and I would never want to live away from the ocean, but it also means milder winters for us here in the Pacific Northwest, and mainly just cold rainy days. We typically don’t get a lot of snow in December for the most part. When we do, it usually makes an appearance in January or February. But last year at Scarlett Homestead we did get a couple of really great snow days and we made the best of it. I’m crossing my fingers that we get the same, if not more.


Our 40 acres is beautiful without snow, but last year when we got a few good days of snow, we spent some time playing, and really admiring just how special it is with a pure white blanket covering it all.


The land has some rolling hills, which of course makes it great for sledding. We pulled Judah around and made some good trails and had a great time. I’m praying we get the same this year, and hopefully a lot more!


Out of all the old growth trees we have out here, by far my favorite is our holly trees. They are scattered everywhere through the property and apparently they grow like weeds. I learn something new all the time out here. I will one day strategically place them around the property, just where I want them. I have visions of where they need to go so that when you drive up our long driveway on a snowy winter day, you will wonder if you are at our house, or in Who-Ville.


Hey Rob, just wait until I start stringing lights up outside. Our electric bill is going to go through the roof next year.


I for one am crossing my fingers for a white Christmas this year, and the more the merrier. Don’t worry about the mess, I am willing to hire out our child for shoveling driveways where needed. He is not scared of hard work or the cold.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

– The Homesteaders Wife

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