“Lime in The Coconut” Almond Bark

“You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up”…..don’t you just hate me now for putting that song into your head? It’s going to be there all day long now. When I made this recipe it’s all I thought about. It got so bad that I actually looked it up on YouTube and played it at one point because my son couldn’t figure out why I kept chanting that same line over and over. He thought it was a “cool song” and wanted to keep playing it. I played it twice and then I was out.

I’ve recently been going through cookbooks looking for easy baking recipes that are new and different. Easy, and fast, are two keywords that I am focusing on right now. The month of November is incredibly busy for me and I have a lot of company coming over, a few weekends out of town, and obviously Thanksgiving is just around the corner.
With all these plans filling up my calendar, I wanted to squeeze in some time to try a few simple recipes for Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I tend to bake the same few sweets every year, but I make a point of trying one or two new things as well. I like having things I can make ahead and freeze when possible. There’s always a holiday party, special event or cookie exchange you get invited to, and it’s so nice to have a few things ready to pull out, put on a nice plate, and take somewhere.
The combination of lime and coconut are not exactly what you think of when you think of the tastes of holidays, but that’s what I liked about it. I tend to feel overrun with pumpkin, gingerbread, pies, and cranberry flavors so when I saw this tropical version of an almond bark, I liked that it was a different kind of taste, to offset the ‘expected’.
It’s from a very old Taste of Home recipe book, and I will write out the ingredients and steps exactly as written in the book:


1 package (12 oz) white baking chips
4 teaspoons shortening
2 to 4 drops green food coloring, optional
½ cup flaked coconut, toasted
½ cup chopped almonds, toasted
4 teaspoons grated lime peel

Line a 9 inch square baking pan with foil, set aside. In a microwave, melt chips and shortening. Stir until smooth. Stir in food coloring if desired. Stir in the coconut, almonds and lime peel. Spread into prepared pan. Chill for 10-15 minutes or until firm. Break into small pieces. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

Here’s how mine turned out:
I got out all of my ingredients. First the white chocolate chips.

I grated the peels of two limes to get enough zest.

My sliced almonds and coconut. (which ended up being a little more than the recipe, but I like a lot of stuff in bark, so I wasn’t shy with the almonds or coconut!).

I poured the whole bag of white chips in a microwave safe bowl and measured the shortening in with it.

I microwaved this at 30 seconds, stirred, then did that two more times. So a total of 90 seconds. She got nice and smoooooth. Then I did add the food coloring. Because white bark is boring. Green is wildly exciting! I put in three drops and it turned a light minty green. (Look how far back my thumb bends! I’m double jointed in my left hand and I can bend my pointer finger back all the way to my wrist. I’m not joking at all. If you’re good, I’ll show you sometime. It’s my party trick). 


Then my son saw I was “mixing stuff up” and joined in the fun. He helped me stir in the almonds and coconut.

He got his entire face into the bowl while I poured in the lime zest.


And then he stirred it all together for me.

I poured it all into my foil lined baking pan. I only had a 9 x 15 baking pan, so I spread it about ¾ of the way across it, evenly.

We put this into the fridge for about 20 minutes. It hardened and cooled quickly and it cut it up into small pieces very easily. If you are a perfectionist, this does cut up very nicely. You could easily get perfect little squares if you were careful and had a sharp knife. I like the look of random bark pieces however, so I just wildly threw my butcher knife at it and whatever happened, happened.


It tasted great! You have the sweetness from the white chocolate, the crunch from the almonds and the sweet flavor of the coconut gives it that tropical taste. I loved the lime zest in there as opposed to using a flavoring as in some bark recipes I’ve tried. You can actually see the zest in each piece and it’s a great punch of flavor.

This recipe took hardly any effort, and maybe only 15 minutes of my time. I like to keep mine in the fridge because I prefer almond bark cold. It also froze very well! So all in all, it was a keeper for a quick holiday treat. It will be a great addition to any sweet plate of assorted baked goods on a party tray. If it lasts long enough to make it to any of those events!

Oh, and my apologies if I really did get that song stuck in your head. I can help you fix that and suggest another song? How about….Mahna Mahna. Doo doo do do do. Mahna Mahna. Doo doo do do.

No thanks necessary. You are welcome.

– The Homesteaders Wife, Baha Men, and The Muppets

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