4 legs and fur

I have a big weakness when it comes to 4 legged animals. Any animal in fact, but especially our horses. And cats and dogs. I also love lambs. Baby pigs. Baby cows. I could go on.

Anyway, a few weeks ago when we were at my inlaws farm, it occurred to me that something was missing. It was one of my all time favorite cats I have ever met in my life. Her name was Buckwheat and she was special. She lived a good, long life, but it was cut short a little while back and when I heard about it, boy did I cry. Although she was not actually mine, I loved her just as though she was.


She was the kind of cat that let any kid carry her around, any way they wanted to, and she never minded. She loved to cuddle and was crazy about any kind of attention she got from you. Whenever we would show up, she would come prancing up and let me know she was ready for me to carry her around like a baby. Which I did, constantly.


What I wouldn’t give to cuddle her one more time. But I know she is safe and happy in animal heaven.


Even the horses loved her. Or maybe Buddy was trying to push her off to get all of the attention for himself. Either way, she was even ok with her bum being pushed around by a horse. She was so tolerant. I love and miss you, sweet girl.

My inlaws did however get three new little kitties a couple of months ago and although none of them could ever replace Buckwheat in my heart, they sure did a great job of helping heal it. They were loveable and cuddly and I am all about a furry little face.


And of course we spent most of our time with our horses. I’ve told you about Scarlett, my horse, but this pretty girl below, is Beauty. She’s Rob’s horse, and the Mother to my horse, as well as Judah’s horse, Amigo. You might need to re-read that sentence twice for it to make sense! If you know horses, you can probably tell she is in her final years. She’s an old girl, but she’s still so strong and beautiful despite obvious signs of aging. She’s a full time pasture horse and lives a really good life. The way a horse should always live. Peaceful, free and well loved. These kids are loved very much and I’m pretty sure they know it.


Judah is getting braver and we’re trying to teach him proper horse handling and how to help care for them. It was pretty cute to watch him walk right up to Beauty and start brushing her. Beauty is such a reliable old girl, and although she’s still an animal, which means unpredictable behaviour, we also have a lot of trust in her.


(Buddy, seriously. Why do you always have to bite Judah’s head off?)

For me, animals, and specifically our horses, are extremely therapeutic. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent just being with them. Not necessarily even doing anything. For me, they are the best medicine when I’m sad. I have let many tears fall around these friends and every time, I have walked away feeling better than I could have imagined.


(My best girl, Scarlett.)

When I was pregnant with Judah, Buddy, also one of Beauty’s sons, really took notice. He sensed something different immediately, and it took no time at all for him to zero in on my tummy. He hung his big gentle head against my stomach and kept it there for as long as I was outside with them. He wouldn’t let another horse near me and it seemed like he thought he should protect me from anything and everything around. Although I probably didn’t need it, I absolutely accepted his attention and let him. It warmed my heart and from then on, I have always had a special soft spot for him and always will. After Judah was born and we took him to meet the horses, I have always noticed a gentleness about Buddy around Judah. And most Mothers will agree, that if you want us to like you, just be nice to our kids. So again, one more reason to love Buddy!


(This is Buddy, and Judah when he was about a year and a half old. Obviously we don’t leave our child unnattended around the horses, but I had to step back and capture this when it happened. Judah had just started walking and Buddy was so gentle and calm. I still feel like even today, Buddy is the most gentle with Judah, and me as well. I love this big boy for loving my little boy so much.)

I think most of us have at least one animal in our lives that we love and cherish like family. Be thankful for that little guy or gal. They add something to life that is truly indescribable, and I am always so thankful that I have a few of them to love and take care of. It’s one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

 – The Homesteaders Wife

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