Cool Christmas toys for me. I mean Judah. No, I mean me.

Please tell me that you have already starting buying Christmas presents? I guess I just want to be assured that I’m not the only one. Because I already have. Actually, my Mum and my Aunt were visiting recently and they bought a few gifts themselves, so I just realized that I’m ok and not the only one. Or maybe my family is just Christmas crazy and I’m cut from the same cloth. Either way, I’m thinking about it, and I make no apologies.

My theory with thinking about it so early, and then acting upon it, is that when you buy gifts over time, it doesn’t feel as expensive (whatever makes you sleep at night right?), but mostly it takes the pressure off. Come December, I am usually finished all my shopping and even a good portion of wrapping the presents, because I want to focus on the actual events, and time spent with family and not feel any last minute pressure. Also, I do like to avoid big crowds in malls at that point! I make a point to schedule as much Christmas family activity time as I can so that we can spend time together having fun, and really make it special for Judah. Things, I believe, are never as important as time. So I like to have a lot of it, all month.

I actually wanted to share a ‘thing’ with you all though. My Mum bought a few sets of magnetic building piece toys for Judah, and she has been adding to the collection over time. I had never seen or heard of these before and I just wanted to share it because it’s so much fun! Can we parents, all be a little honest, and admit that we might buy toys for our kids that WE want to play with? I hope that it’s not just me that thinks this way? I spend a lot of time on the floor playing with my son and if I am going to do that, I need to like the toys he, I, we, are playing with! This one is great!


So they are magnetic shapes that all snap together. Triangles, squares, semi-circles etc. and they are plastic with the magnets embedded inside. They snap together and you can create all these cool things. It’s another spin on every other building block / snap together toy out there, but for some reason, I just love these. Maybe because of the ease of using them, especially with a three year old. It’s simple and functional and easy for him to handle. And so far, they seem indestructible.


These things get hauled out every single day. For me, it’s a good sign of a good toy, to keep a three and a half year old interested for so long.

My Mum ended up finding two different brands, and so there’s actually two kinds all mixed together, but it doesn’t matter – they all work together.


(See, kind of different, but they still work together just fine. Just like life. Different is good. Some of my best friends are my polar opposite. I’m getting off topic.)

The first brand you can find on shelves at most Walmart, Target etc. and are also available online.


This second brand was purchased at the fair in Vancouver, BC, the Pacific National Exhibition / PNE, but it’s actually available on Amazon for a great price!


Anway, if you haven’t heard of these, and were looking for something a little different for your kiddos this Christmas, I highly recommend these.


I don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait to play with the things I am buying for Judah. And I’m very serious. One of the new things on the list that he doesn’t know about yet is Playmobil. My sister and I had a few sets when we were young and oh my, did we play with it. A lot. I haven’t decided which sets to start him out with, but I can assure you it will be the ones I think look the most fun. For me. No, I mean for him. But also for me. I always have Judah in the forefront of my mind, in everything I do, but maybe not this time.

(I want this so badly! Actually, I want all the sets. All the things.)

What are you buying your little people for the holidays this year? If you have something cool and new that a three year old boy would love, let me know!

 – The Homesteaders Wife

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