‘Oh give me a home…’

Now here is something I can speak to, and actually feel like I know what I’m talking about! Designing and creating our house plans and working with our Architect and Engineers had been the highlight of this project for me.

I went to BCIT (The British Columbia Institute of Technology) for Civil and Structural Drafting Technology and then worked at an Engineering firm. I learned so much about the underground workings of building, as well as structure, and it served me very well in projects through the years. I later went back to school and became an Interior Designer, and worked at a top design firm in Vancouver, BC for many years. From all the jobs I’ve held in my life, these were some of my most memorable, and most favorite years.

After years of being in these fields, the knowledge I gained was finally something I was able to put into practise for my own benefit, and create something perfect for our family. You would think it might be hard to come up with the perfect plan, from scratch, but I loved every moment. I admit that I felt a little pressure to make sure that the plans suited all three of us and met our needs. There’s a lot of little things to consider, such as walking into a room and not having to see the ‘ugly stuff’, like certain outlets, heating vents, panels, attic access. If you think about these small little things now, you can sort of ‘hide them’ and strategically place them through your home so they aren’t such an eyesore!

We worked with an amazing team from Lake Stevens, WA and what I loved most about our Architect, Kim, preparing our final drawings, was that she did it by hand. Many of you may not understand the skill behind this, but it’s how I learned to draft as well, (Hey, it was the 90’s man!) and it’s an incredible, and very lost skill. Most draftspersons out there now learn Autocad, and pretty much just plug numbers into a computer and many don’t really understand what they’re creating,  the building codes, and why’s and how’s. So for me, to find someone who actually knew exactly what they were drawing, and by hand, was a real treat! I’m a dork for old school drawings. Obviously.


My kitchen. Oh how I am in love with my kitchen. I will surely sleep in it at some point because it is that nice. For me, anyway. I have a lot of really nice dishes, serveware, and just ‘fancy lady’ kitchen decor to put away in the overabundance of cabinets and I cannot wait! It was such a dream to be able to design my kitchen, exactly as I want it, to make it functional for how I want to cook, store my things and also display them. Rob let me just go for it. His theory is that if I love my kitchen space, I will be in there a lot, and it will benefit him. It’s true. It really will.

I sketched up my own ideas and then had them digitally rendered to get the proper scale and dimensions. Thankfully it works! It will be a large open space, with a large island, that I will look forward to cooking and baking in, and feeding my boys. The kitchen is really the heart of the home and my heart beats for the people in it, so it’s a good match. 


Our home is an open plan, 1 level rancher, and is overall quite simple. I wanted to stay on the smaller side to keep it cozy, but also have large living spaces to host our families and accommodate large groups, inside and outside. It was also very important for me to have our garage entry on the side of the house so I could keep the front facade clean and simple, and stay true to a ranch style home. 


I have chosen everything from wall colors, to appliances, to countertops and even fixtures. I have no problem making decisions and these were pretty easy for me. I know what I like and I stick with it. I like timeless, non-trendy and functional materials to stand the test of time and will still be relevant in 15 years time. I will share more with you as we build and put these finishes up!


The one thing we still need to complete is the final ideas for our front and back yard landscaping. We want to design it ourselves. Depending on what season our home is completed, will depend on what we do and when.  I can’t wait to see what our imaginations create.

This is such a massive part of our Homestead development and I can’t wait to share more as it all unfolds and each step is completed.

 – The Homesteaders Wife


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