Who is Scarlett, anyway?

I should probably explain to you who Scarlett is, or why we call the Property the Property, and not the Homestead, when really it is in fact a Homestead. Scarlett Homestead officially, but we still call it the Property. Sorry. What?

When we were in the initial stages of looking at, and then buying this land, we just started calling it “The Property” here at home. Then over time we got invested once we actually owned it and started making plans for what we would use the property for and how it would help make our goals a reality one day. The whole picture really made it sound lovely and homey.

We kicked around a few names that would suit the land itself and how it would look, and also the business name that would be established along with it. We settled on Scarlett Homestead.


Scarlett is my horse. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world and she’s the first horse I’ve ever owned. She lives at my inlaws with our other 2 horses right now, but very soon she will be home with us.


Homestead just felt right. It was more personal than just “farm” or “ranch”. So Scarlett Homestead it was.


I’m also a sucker for romance and old fashioned romantic notions, so naming a property sounded like something I should do. I never would be satisfied with writing out an address on an envelope or paper, as is, so if you ever get a letter from me, it will have Scarlett Homestead on it somewhere. You can take me out of the city, but you will never take the fancy lady out of me.

I may talk about Scarlett, and the horses quite often, because I love them so much. I had no idea how much I loved horses until I met Rob, and then his horse, Beauty, gave birth to Scarlett and she was given to me. I felt like a little girl. You know….”Mummy, I want a horsey for my birthday!” I actually got one.


So when you see me walking around town in my cowboy boots, looking like a total fraud from the city, I can actually prove ya’ll wrong now! I legitimately have horses. And a homestead. And they’re the most comfortable pair of footwear I have ever owned. And they’re not coming off.


 – The Homesteaders Wife


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