Oh, for the love of bread!

I love to share yummy recipes when I come across a good one. I really appreciate all the recipes friends and family share and repost on Facebook from cooking sites. I have found some of my all time best recipes that way!

I come from a family of very skilled cooks and bakers. My Mum for example, is the absolute best, non-professional cake baker and decorator I have ever met. Every holiday, party or function that we have as a family means that she will create something beautiful, very often original, and it will become a show stopper. I did not inherit this skill from her. Sadly.

20180331_183415(Look at this cake she made for Rob’s 40th birthday this past year! It’s not just a cake…it’s just something so perfect, you feel awful cutting into it! She’s amazing. Hi Mum!)

My Omi (my Mum’s Mum) was the best cook I know. Any member of our family will tell you that and we all have her best recipes that we try very hard to recreate the best we can, but it just doesn’t quite taste the same as when she made it. I like to attribute any cooking skills I have to her patience in showing me how to do things from a very young age, and taking the time to explain as she did it all.

I will also brag a little about my cousin Andrew (Hi Andrew!), who has gone on to become incredibly successful with his catering company in Vancouver, BC Drews Catering . What he creates is amazing and our family is so proud of him. Again, not a skill I inherited, but he sure did!

Since becoming a stay at home Mum for the past 3 and a half years, I have spent so much more time in my kitchen, cooking for my family and experimenting with new recipes. I found that I love it and I really enjoy making healthy meals for my family, from scratch when I can, and having my husband and son truly enjoy what we’re eating makes me happy. I wasn’t aware that I would ever feel so good about making meals, but I really do.

So bread. That’s what was on my mind when I sat down to write today. Glorious, heavenly bread. If I was given one food to live off of the rest of my days, it would be every type of bread known to man. The sad part is that I have yet to really master some of the kinds I really want to know how to make. This, I believe, is a blessing in disguise. Because I would eat it.

I came across a recipe for No Knead Bread a while back on Facebook, that a friend of mine had saved. It looked like the kind of bread I would never be able to bake. But I tried it, mainly because of the fact I didn’t have to knead it! I feel that’s where I really lack in skill. This needs to rise for about 18 hours, so if you don’t want to wait that long, then this isn’t for you. But if you mix it up the day before and plan to bake it the next morning so that your house smells like a patisserie in France, then you should give this a shot. It worked my first try and it was fool proof.

This was how it turned out, and it tasted amazing and the texture was perfect. Cut that baby up and don’t be shy with the butter friends.


I ended up scrolling through this website and I have to say, this lady, Jo Cismaru, is fantastic and all the recipes I have tried have been wonderful. Her website will forever be saved amongst my favorites and I just had to share it, if you haven’t seen her site before!


This is the actual recipe, to make it a little easier to find the deliciousness: 

Jo Cooks – No Knead Bread

Go carb it up today my friends. You won’t be sorry.

 – The Homesteaders Wife

16 thoughts on “Oh, for the love of bread!

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  1. Thank you Candace for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to reading your stories and your recently published book. I can’t help but believe your courage and honesty will inspire others to follow their dreams too. God bless!

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  2. Oh the memories I have of Omie’s kitchen. I didn’t inherit the desire to be in a kitchen, so I am ever thankful that YOU did and keep all those recipes alive!! You may think they don’t equal Omie’s in taste- but I promise, they are right up beside her. I’m sure she is proudly baking/cooking/watching you in her gourmet kitchen!

    Ok seriously- that bread looks insanely amazing!! However I would probably cut it in quarters , and eat 1 every meal including late night snack 🙈😆
    Well done Baboo!

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