A shiny new…..Septic Design….ooohhhh…

Septic Design.

You’re invested in this now aren’t you? You are just waiting for the incredibly exciting story behind our septic design, right? Hold on to your seat. This will be the most boring blog post ever written.

I’m sorry to say, there’s nothing exciting about this, at all. We had a really nice guy come out and work with Rob to find the best solution for a system, and we did. Done.

We have an excavator, so Rob dug 4 holes in the ground, 4 feet deep each, where the guy needed to take soil samples from. We hit sand a few feet down so there was no need to test the soil. We plan on building our home on a higher elevation as well, so we have a good natural gravity flow to support the whole thing. I’m not shy, at all, but I think that’s all I need to talk about publicly for where and how my washrooms will end up functioning. If you seriously want more information, send me an email and I will fill you in on all the details!



(When explaining the test holes to Judah, he asked if the holes were going to be our toilets in the new house. I still laugh at this even as I write it. You really have to appreciate the simple, straight forward thinking and perspectives from a child. We would sure save a lot of money I suppose.)


(Don’t fall in!)


(These pictures are incredibly exciting. I know. And you’re welcome.)

The only downside to this step for us was how long we had to wait for the septic guy to come out to the property. Not his fault at all though. He’s just really busy!

We have been finding that no matter which trade we call for service, we have a good 4 weeks or more wait time typically. One more big reason this project is taking so long. I’m actually happy to know that construction is going strong, people are working and doing very well with a steady stream of jobs coming in. Meanwhile, it means we need to keep our patience levels high.

Kids, if you are reading this, take this as a public service announcement – you should go to school and become a General Contractor. Learn every trade, work in construction, buy a hard hat and run your own company. (Seriously, have you ever thought of the trade shortages we will have once the Baby Boomers are all retired? Yikes!) You will never be bored and you will have so much work you won’t know where to start. Then one day when my fancy gravity flow septic design falls apart you will have a job just waiting for you. Come on, you know it sounds good, right?

 – The Homesteaders Wife

14 thoughts on “A shiny new…..Septic Design….ooohhhh…

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    1. Ha! We still will have a big tank as well that will be somewhere in the yard, that we’ll have to manage (great!), but the water just seeps out back into the land, flowing down and away. I bet our grass will be nice and green 🤣😏


  1. Oh to calm your fears, I am close with a LOT of teenagers (7 kids and all their friends calling me Momma) 2 just went to welding school another went for plumbing (that kid is brave) another is roofing houses because we live in tornado central, there’s always work and it pays well, another is doing construction and another is doing concrete work building walls and patios with stone and block while also pouring concrete. So, those trades won’t die with the baby boomers. Oklahoma offers free Votech.

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    1. Free!? That is fabulous!!! Good for them as well. I have a trades background and am a huge advocate of this. We are having a hard time just calling someone up who is readily available. Luckily our contractor has “his people” for his stuff. And yes, it certainly does pay well!


  2. I honestly can’t remember what state you are in. If you happen to be in Oklahoma I will send you the info. Other states have their own programs, but I am 100% certain about Oklahoma because my youngest attends an online charter school, which has students all over the state. As long as the student is enrolled for the semester during attendance at Votech, it is free of charge and it counts towards required credits (depending upon the program, it may qualify for math, computers, science, etc)

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