How many people does it take to buy a piece of land!?

Have you ever heard the term “Land Locked” before? Oh you have? Fantastic! We had not. During our year of trying to purchase this acreage, we found ourselves in a real jam when our Realtor discovered that the land was not a legal piece of land that could be sold, as it was land locked.

This basically means that there is a neighbor (Hi Dan!) in front of us, along the road, that ‘locks us in’ from end to end with no official access to it without crossing his property. Somehow, many years ago (I’m assuming that this was still when deals were done on a wink and a handshake), the owners of the land managed to sell the surrounding properties piece by piece, locking ours in, and nobody noticed. Not the County, not lenders, nor the title company. Oops! (Here’s where I go back to my original thoughts of “hmmm, I wonder what’s wrong with this property that it’s not selling”). And why the property went ‘pending’ so many times but fell through. But here we were, invested in our dreams of what could become of all of this and we weren’t going to be deterred! Insert jokes about “suckers” and “dumb kids” here. It’s ok, I would too.

Now, technically, there has always been access to the property from the road. You see there is a power line easement road for the PUD (Public Utility District). But it still runs right through our neighbors driveway and front yard and we did not want this to be our main access to our home one day. Our neighbor Dan is wonderful though, and long story short, we worked out a deal to suit both of us and completed a BLA (Boundary Line Adjustment) and basically purchased about 60 square feet of property from the far east side of his land and cut through to have a driveway access.


It was a long process. To do all of the paperwork with the actual land owners/sellers, complete the paperwork with our neighbor for the BLA and have all of the very old title company paperwork dug up to understand the past errors and correct it. It was long, but really, the hard part was completed by Kristen, our Realtor. (Kristen if you are reading this, I keep talking about you because you are AMAZING). This was a completely unique situation that involved so many people from so many companies as well as the County. I honestly can say from the confusion of the whole situation, that I’m pretty sure this was a first for this sort of problem.

Another thing we have learned along the way is that there’s no official instruction book for this. We had so many trades people offering us tips and good advice, but we could never really get a solid answer for “here’s what you do first!”. A lot of these first steps were really trial and error and learning from our mistakes, and obviously finding mistakes from decades ago that were now ours!

But it was a hurdle that we pushed through, and overcame. It was another step completed. I think it was step 16 out of 2,345. Obviously, we were well on our way.

 – The Homesteaders Wife

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious. I am so glad you worked something out with your neighbor. Sometimes, when people sell a property, by owner, these things are missed on multiple occasions. When we purchased our Homestead, the roof on the house was uninsurable. It was shingle over shake and this was discovered during the inspection. The previous owners tried to convince us to deal with some tiny little independent insurance agency, which was local, because that was the company currently insuring the house. Well, I showed the tiny insurance company the inspection report and they actually covered the roof because it wasn’t insurable and they had already insured it. So, while we had to wait longer to finalize the sale, we got a brand new roof.

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      1. Its not as rare as one would think. I have heard similar Horror stories from friends who also purchased homes or property. The whole sale by owner is what causes a lot of them. Inspections are bypassed, title searches aren’t necessarily done thoroughly and things slip through the cracks. It’s far more common than you would think.

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  2. I’m enjoying your stories Candace, and with your permission (as stated in your blog) I’ve stifled a few giggles along the way- mostly because your way of retelling the story is so darn funny!!
    😆😆. Till ur next instalment of ha-ha’s!
    And that’s a mighty fine looking road you got there !!

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  3. Hi Candace.
    You are an awesome story teller.
    It’s nice too see that there is some good amongst all the hassle you have to go through. And having some humour definitely helps.
    I can see a rainbow at the end of the road. It will be amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

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