Welcome to Scarlett Homestead

I would like to say, “So, long story short….” but I’m afraid the story isn’t so short. We are a small little family of three, living in Arlington, WA, and our lives took an adventurous turn when we decided to buy an undeveloped property, build our home, and make this place our own, one of a kind homestead.

Oh yes, we had many plans, and we were sure that within a year or two we would be living in a beautiful new home, with a shiny new barn, and our horses grazing off in the 40 acre pasture that we could see from our living room windows. Yes, it was a good plan, to be sure.

That was two years ago.

Two years ago we found the most amazing Realtor a person could hope to find. Kristen was nothing short of a miracle to us. She spent an entire year, yes, you read that right, an entire year helping us to just purchase this property. Then another year had gone by just to get the land ready to actually build the house. I will absolutely go back in time for you and explain the why’s, and what’s, you are surely asking yourself.

For the past two years we have shared our adventures and progress with our closest family and friends, and when asked “So you guys, how’s the property coming along?” we will often pause, smile and say “well, probably another few months or so until…..”. So now, born from this often hard to answer question, and sometimes hard to explain situation, we thought it best to share these little details with you all, and maybe, just maybe, writing it down on ‘paper’ will somehow speed up this process. Regardless of time, it’s our baby and it’s happening, and it’s our little adventure that we’re committed to completing.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading the ins and outs of what it is actually like to completely develop an undeveloped piece of land, build a home and agricultural property, while dealing with WA State codes, county bylaws, ever changing building code and market change affects, and on and on. We are not experts, and we don’t claim to be. We’re just a couple of kids trying to figure it out, and pioneer our homestead the best we can, with what we have.

Really, our adventure is only beginning, and we’d like to invite you along. Or just to laugh. Or be nosy. You pick.

 – The Homesteaders Wife


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