Expecting Your Little Miracle – A Weekly Pregnancy Devotional for Parents-To-Be!

About 4 years ago I was pregnant with our son Judah. Something that was very important to me at the time was reading all I could about being pregnant and the general progression of things. One thing I really desired to read however was a sort of devotional type book that I could read with Rob, that would guide us through the nine months in a medical sense, but also give us the spiritual side, and to have Bible scripture correspond. We are a household of faith and hearing what the Word of God says in any circumstance is always important to us. I looked for what I wanted. Oh my, did I look. I found similar books, but not what I wanted. So I kept a sort of journal and kept my own notes, in hopes that one day it would be a special type of diary for Judah. To know he was loved and thought about in a spiritual sense, and prayed for from day one.

It was Rob who encouraged me to compile the notes I had written and submit them to a publisher. I don’t know that I would have followed through on my own. You see, I’m not a writer, by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t pretend to be. If you know me, you know that I can talk. Like a lot. And what I write is literally what is running through my mind at the moment. Unedited, totally random at times. Seeing as I’m the person writing all of these blogs, I probably should take the time to edit a bit more thoroughly now that I think about it.

Fast forward to the present….my manuscript did get accepted for publishing, and now here we are. In some funny part of the universe, I am suddenly an author, with a published book. I will admit that it is pretty exciting, but more than that, I am proud of the accomplishment. You see, the accomplishment I’m talking about is not really the book itself, but the words that are inside are straight from the Bible, from God Himself, and I really hope that through those words, someone who reads it, will be blessed. That was the true intent. That a couple who is pregnant, maybe for the first time, will pick it up, read it together and learn something they didn’t know, begin a prayer routine together they may not have had before, and most of all, begin a meaningful family dynamic for themselves and baby.

This is pretty new, and my first run copies are still warm from being printed last month, but the book is available for purchase online through many retailers in Canada and the USA such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo. I’ll be shameless and post some links here to make it real easy for ya!

 – The Homesteaders Wife


Purchase through Amazon.com USA

Purchase through Amazon.ca Canada



4 thoughts on “Expecting Your Little Miracle – A Weekly Pregnancy Devotional for Parents-To-Be!

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  1. Expecting Your Little Miracle is an amazing devotional. It is very captivating and exciting to learn something new each week. To experience new life growing inside you is nothing short of ‘miraculous!’
    A must read for all parents to be.

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  2. Congratulations on getting this devotional published. Your personal thoughts on paper to print!
    An inspiring read!
    May all who read “Expecting your little Miracle” be blessed and know that every life is precious.

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