Brioche Hot Dog Buns

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had my family over last weekend for both my sister and husband’s birthday. They share the same birthday, just two years apart. And oddly enough, Rob’s younger brother and I are exactly the same age, but 2 days apart. Totally irrelevant to hot dog buns, but I jump around a lot – just keep up the best you can.

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The No Knead Bread Series #1 – Rustic White Bread

I have been asked by a few lovely ladies over the past few weeks what my favorite type of bread is to bake and what is my easiest recipe? So to answer the first question – my favorite bread – the answer is…..bread. All bread. I really can’t choose just one, but I do have a weakness for simple white bread. I know it’s the most unhealthy of them all, but it’s so fluffy and comforting. I just can’t help it. My easiest recipe, is the one I will share with you here today and for the next couple of weeks – different versions of the same thing. A no knead bread that literally anyone can master almost immediately with great results and almost zero effort.

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